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Hi guys!

Last week I was approached by a company called Babylon. You've probably heard about them as they are one of the oldest companies dedicated to online dictionaries and online translation software. They launched an awesome program for translators and bloggers like me who write language related posts on the blogosphere. In this program, they grant you a free license in exchange for a product review, which, truly, I think is quite fair. I've been using their software for sometime as I translate from Spanish to English and vice versa.

Personally, I think Babylon is a handy tool for as we translators do our research primarily online, it saves us time looking up in print dictionaries, searching on the Net for translations, etc. The reason it saves time and effort is that it works on the patented mechanism of "one single translation". It means that all you need to do is to click on a word or sentence in your computer monitor (it works on all Windows applications) and a window pops up with the translation or definition you want. It is really cool!

I admit their Babylon's proprietary dictionaries might not offer the best or deeply research translation on the market, but their dictionary options also offer results on Wikipedia. And another important thing: Babylon works in partnership with the great of the greatest dictionaries in the world, famous for their quality. Some big names include: the Encyclopedia Britannica, Webster Dictionaries, Aurelio and Michaelis (for Portuguese) and Oxford. who can as for more? :-)

If you don't want to buy their translation software, Babylon also has available their dictionaries database online for free. Of course you lose the "one click translation" which is the reason Babylon software is so good, but you can translate words, sentences and expressions from and to English in more than 75 languages.

As you are studying Spanish, here are their Traductor en Línea(Online Translator) and Diccionario en Línea (Online Dictionary) - I know I am leading you here to their Spanish language sites, but in my opinion it is good that you get used to reading things in Spanish. And anyway, with a little bit of imagination you can decipher what is written (and you can make use of the translation tools Babylon has to offer:-). This tool can be really important when you need to translate the exercises I give you here in Verbs in Spanish, so I placed the links to their online translation tools on the blogs side bar as well...

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