Spanish Language Online Forums

Hi there everyone!

Find below some of the most prominent forums where you can "stop by" and ask a question about Spanish translation or Spanish grammar. You are sure to find here friendly communities ready to answer to any questions you might have. So here you go:

1 - Eye on Spain: Although not specifically about the Spanish language, this forum is a must read if you are planning a trip to Spain.

2 - English Spanish Translator is the place to go when you need help with a trick translation that you cannot find in conventional dictionaries. Great community.

3 - Word Reference: Established as one of the best places for language lovers on the Net, their forum is filled with friendly people ready to reply to any question you throw at them, be it Spanish grammar or Spanish translation.

4 - The Spanish Language Forum: This is not as popular as the ones above, but it is a forum exclusive for people learning Spanish as a foreign language. Definitely worth a trial!

If you know of other forums that should be listed here, let me know!

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