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family history site We all have our different reasons for learning a new language. Some want to advance their career prospects, others for traveling while others, like me, to be connected more closely to their family history.

And this is exactly how this topic matches a subject like learning Spanish: I am of Spanish heritage and not long ago started the insurmountable task of compiling my the genealogical data of my with the amazing and high-tech site My Heritage family tree builder. To embark on any genealogical quest is not for the faint-hearted - the task is demanding and it requires a lot of patience and a Sherlock-Holmes curiosity. Even with the Internet and the literally hundreds of family history sites and software out there, the task is huge.

My Heritage is not the only out there, but it is, in my view, one of the best sites for the novice family genealogist and researcher. It offers - all free! - a great and easy to use platform where one can build their family tree with relative ease.

Also for free, you can search on their site you find available a genealogy research tool which searches over 1.500 authoritative sites, blogs, forums, archives linked to personal historical data such as immigration records and others.

I haven't been using it long, but so far it has been a real help in keeping my family tree on record. I've even found relatives I did not know they existed...

It is a lot of fun too!

If you use it, or used it, share your thought on it with me...

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