Verbs in Spanish - ER verbs

As we have explored the conjugation of verbs in Spanish ending in AR, it is time now we discussed the second group of verbs - Spanish verbs ending in ER.

Verbs in Spanish ending in ER are a little trickier, especially conjugating the irregular ones in the first person singular which for the most part have to be learned by heart.

So I will be dividing this topic into many smaller posts. We will start today by seeing the REGULAR ER SPANISH VERBS. Here are a couple of examples of regular ones:

BEBER - to drink

Yo bebo
Tú bebes
Él bebe
Ella bebe
nosotros bebemos
vosotros (as) bebéis
Ellas beben
Ellos beben

The same conjugation applies to the following Spanish ER verbs:

COMER - to eat
APRENDER - to learn
VENDER - to sell
COMPRENDER - to understand
RESPONDER - to answer
TEMER - to fear
LEER - to read
CREER - to believe
ROMPER - to break

That's it for now. Next post we'll be discussing some of the irregularities of the Spanish verbs ending in ER.

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