Conjugation and uses of verb HABER

The verb HABER is an auxiliary verb, and it's an accurate translation of the verb "to HAVE" in English, when it's used as auxiliary.

As the verb "to HAVE", this verb is used as auxiliary in the perfect tenses. As it happens in English, also in Spanish the perfect tenses are formed by using a form of the verb HABER (to HAVE), followed by the past participle.


yo he llegado : I have arrived
yo había llegado : I had arrived

Even though we are not going to explain the perfect tenses here (future posts will cover this topic in more details), you will learn the complete conjugation of the verb HABER.



Yo he

Tú has

Él, ella, usted ha

Nosotros, nosotras hemos

Vosotros, vosotras habéis

Ellos, ellas, ustedes han



Yo hube

Tú hubiste

Él, ella, usted hubo

Nosotros, nosotras hubimos

Vosotros, vosotras hubísteis

Ellos, ellas, ustedes hubieron



Yo había

Tú habías

Él, ella, usted había

Nosotros, nosotras habíamos

Vosotros, vosotras habíais

Ellos, ellas, ustedes habían



Yo habré

Tú habrás

Él, ella, usted habrá

Nosotros, nosotras habremos

Vosotros, vosotras habréis

Ellos, ellas, ustedes habrán


Another common use of the spanish verb HABER is the meaning (in English, of course_ of "there is" or "there are".

Technically speaking, this the "impersonal" format, or use, of the verb HABER.

Here are some examples:

- En ese disco hay una canción que me gusta.
(There is a song that I like on that disc.)

- Hay jugo de naranja en el refrigerador.
(There is orange juice in the refrigerator.)

- Hay nubes en el cielo.
(There are shadows in the sky.)

It is necessary...

The verb HABER is also commonly used as "HAY QUE", meaning "it is necessary to".


- Para aprender los verbos en español hay que practicar.
(It is necessary to practice for learning the spanish verbs.)

- Hay que reservar las entradas para el concierto.
(It is necessary to book the tickets for the concert.)

- Hay que comprar un regalo para Sofía, porque es su cumpleaños.
(It is necessary to buy a present for Sofía, because it´s her birthday)

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