Learn Verbs in Spanish with StudySpanish.com!

Verbs in Spanish Study Spanish is an excellent site where you can learn Spanish online. It is very well organized, making it easy for us to find important points of learning Spanish easy. Here are some things you can find on their site:

Spanish Pronunciation: You will learn the alphabet, together with the relevant Spanish vowel and consonant sounds. They also teach you the right word and sentence intonation and how to link word sounds together.Really great practice for those who are just starting their journey in learning Spanish.

Spanish Grammar: You are sure to find everything you need to know about Spanish grammar on these pages: Divided into 9 wonderful units, you will learn from the basic of spanish verbs conjugation, to nouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc.

Spanish Vocabulary: From what I could understand, they have free and payed version of this section. Here you can learn Spanish vocabulary for the most varied situations in life.

Spanish Verb Drills:What about practicing and making some exercises on verbs in Spanish after your learn them in my blog? :-) Learn them and practice with this site's drills. They have plenty for you to put your learned Spanish verbs into action.

And there is much more you can take out of this great site. Most of it is for free, so it is not like one of those sites that charge you for everything. And if you like it, subscribe to their Spanish classes or newsletter. I've done so and I did not regret.

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