How to memorize verbs in Spanish

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Here is what I see as one of the most effective (and proven!) ways for learning verbs in Spanish, especially the tricky Spanish verbs conjugations:

Cut out cards and write down 20 Spanish verbs every week. On the front of the card, write the Spanish verb and, if needed, write down how to pronounce it.

Everyday, at least twice a day, take the bunch of cards, and start reading each one out loud (it would be even better if you try to conjugate each one!!), and try to remember the translation. And here is the game:

If you remember the correct translation, you place the card down. If you don't remember the translation (look at the back of the card, of course :-), you place the card in the back of the pack again so that you will have another chance to see it, and, hopefully, remember it.

Guys, this "card system" works like a miracle. If you take the time to go over the cards everyday (twice) and conjugate the verbs you see, in a months time, two things will happen:

1 - You will have learned 80 new verbs;
2 - The conjugation of these verbs (and others with the same ending) will have become natural to your ears and you will be able to conjugate virtually any verb in Spanish.

I know this is a little work: you have to make the cards, write down, etc. but I assure you, it is all worth it.

Here is an example of a card:

verbs in spanish flashcard verbs in Spanish flascard backside

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