1. Señor Jordan Video Blogs
I've used his videos a couple of times throughout the different posts and I just love his lessons. His site goes well beyond Spanish verbs, so if you're interested in learning about all aspects of this language, give his site a go!

2. Learn Spanish with Sr. Jones
His blog has a brandnew approach to teaching the Spanish language through pop-culture. This is most suited to intermediate to advanced students of Spanish.

3. La Clase de Señor Lloyd
Simple and very approachable, I really like how the material is presented. Although he does not have a lot of posts, he presents us with some interesting links.


1. Study Spanish
Here is a great place to learn Spanish, participate of communities for practicing, etc. Read more...

2. BBC Spanish Language
BBC offers a great Spanish course with videos.

3. Livemocha
This is one of the most famous online venues for foreign language learners. Here you can find mates who are willing to teach you their language while you teach them yours. It is a great exchange!Read more...

4. E-Spanish
This site has a great variety of activities suitable to many levels, from the very beginner to the advanced learner of Spanish.

5. Mis Cositas
This site really lives up to its motto: (paraphrasing here) It is a "the dedication for those who know the joy of teaching, learning and living more than one language".

6. Españolé
If it am excellent list of resources for learning Spanish you're looking for, you've got it here.

7. Nueva Andalucia
Moving to Spain? Mayeb Joanne can help you! As she herself writes on her blog: "A mum in Nueva Andalucia, with experiences of pregnancy, giving birth, choosing education, making friends, working, living, eating out and every day life in Nueva Andalucia. Real & True Information from the Heart."

8 - Árbol genealógico gratuito - It may look strange but you could learn a lot Spanish words while building your very own family tree online. Worth checking...


1. Gisela Giunti's Spanish school
Spanish classes in Buenos Aires. More info coming soon...

2. Ele Baires Escuela de Español
More info coming soon...

3. Your Spanish
If you're in London and you're interested in learning Spanish, check out the courses offered by the team at Your Spanish. As they say on their site: "We are a friendly organization of native Spanish teachers dedicated to providing Spanish Lessons all over London."

4. Argentina I.L.E.E.
Spanish language school in Argentina.


Online Education
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