Candombe : Fuego y Tambor

La Música
La Magia
El "Toque"

Before you learn about the subject of this article, the two fundamental verbs in Spanish you need to know to be introduced in the world of the Candombe are:

bailar candombe - to dance candombe
tocar tambores - to play drums

Candombe is an African derived rhythm that has been an important part of Uruguayan culture for over two hundred years. It was recognized by Unesco recently as a unique form of folklore native from Uruguay and stemming from roots in the African continent.

This rhythm traveled to Uruguay from Africa with black slaves, it was their way of communication then, and is still going strong in the streets. The candombe rhythm is created when the three tambores (drums) are played together.

Frequently, many drummers assemble onto the streets of Montevideo (from 3 to 80 drums), playing their drums under the moon lit sky.

The candombe rhythm is created by the use of three drums (tambores), tambor piano, tambor chico and tambor repique. When these three drums heat up, it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

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