Much can be said about the diversity of Mexico, its ancient culture, tastes, music, colors ...
Now let's talk about the "mejicanismos" (or "mexicanismos"), expressions that may surprise and confuse those who are learning Spanish. Like everything in Mexico, these popular and common words are also colorful, and mostly humorous and full of double meanings.

*Chido, *Padre, *Guay - those three expressions mean the same !! : beautiful

Qué padre tu carro nuevo !
La fiesta estuvo muy guay.

* Apachurrar - Aplastar - to Crush
* Apenado - Avergonzado - Embarrased
* Babosear - Estar distraído - Being distracted

* ¡Bueno! - Una de las maneras de atender el teléfono - One of the ways to answer the phone
* Cabrón - Un insulto que se puede definir como "hijo de p...." -  A good definiton that would apply to a "son of a b...".

* Coraje - Enojo - Anger

* ¡Chinga tu madre! - Interjección para expresar a alguien enojo - Interjection to express anger

* Checar - Comprobar - Check
* Chingada, irse a la - Arruinarse -Go bankrupt

* Chingar - Importunar, molestar a alguien - to Bother somebody

* Desmadre - Desorden, desorganización, lío - Big disorder

* Fregado - Dañado - Damaged

* Gringo - Todo lo relacionado con USA - Everything related with USA

* Güero - Rubio - Blond

* ¡Híjole! - Interjección de sorpresa o desilusión - Exclamation of surprise

* Me vale madre - No me importa - I don´t care
* No manches - ¡No jodas! - Do not fuck with!

* ¡Órale! - Interjección que denota ánimo, acuerdo - Interjection denoting mood agreement

* Regadera - Ducha - Shower

* ¿Sale? - De acuerdo? - Okay?

* Vacilón - Juerga - Spree

Look how many misunderstandings can arise because they are not speaking the same Spanish ! :)


  1. This is my first visit to your blog and I truly enjoyed. However, I think your English definition of "cabron" is not correct. According to the word means "son of a bithch." Having lived several years in Mexico I can personally attest to the fact the referring to someone as a "cabron" is not a compliment.

    1. Hi Maryanne :) Yes, you are right, that was my mistake, in fact "cabrón" is an insult. I will replace it with the correct meaning. Thank you !