Conjugation of verb ANDAR

Here we have a very common, yet irregular AR verb in Spanish:



Yo ando


Él, ella, usted anda

Nosotros, nosotras andamos

Vosotros, vosotras andáis

Ellos, ellas, ustedes andan


Yo anduve


Él, ella, usted anduvo

Nosotros, nosotras anduvimos

Vosotros, vosotras anduvisteis

Ellos, ellas, ustedes anduvieron

Here are some commonly used expressions with the verb ANDAR:‎

ANDAR a caballo– ride a horse

ANDAR a la deriva – be lost‎

ANDAR a pie – go on foot

ANDAR a toda velocidad – go full speed

ANDAR con cuidado – be careful

ANDAR con mucho cuidado – go with extreme care

ANDAR con prisa – be in a hurry‎

ANDAR corto de dinero – be short of money

ANDAR de buen humor – be in good spirits

ANDAR de mal en peor – go worse and worse

ANDAR en aprietos – be in trouble

ANDAR en boca de todos – be the talk of the town
ANDAR en busca de... – be in search of

ANDAR en las nubes – be up in the clouds‎

Did you know...?

The verb ESTAR is one of the most irregular verbs in Spanish.

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